Welcome to Awakened Psychology.

Life can feel like waiting for the rain in a drought- at times we can feel a strong sense of hope, excitement and opportunity when we see life-sustaining rain clouds on the horizon. However at other times we can feel exhausted, out of control, despair or even frightened with the prospects of prolonged hardship. At Awakened Psychology we aim to assist you through times of hardship to help you flourish with an awakened sense of yourself and your unique strengths for coping with life’s challenges.



Awakened Psychology offers the Hawkesbury area with professional, extensive and supportive psychological services for children, adolescents and adults. We aim to help individuals develop self-nurturance and independent management skills when coping with and resolving challenges, big or small, across the lifespan.

Please take your time to browse the following pages for information about the services available to support you at Awakened Psychology.