Psychological Services



 What Do Psychologists at Awakened Psychology Do?

Psychologists have specialist and in-depth scientifically based knowledge in regard to individuals’ patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours or reactions. Psychologists apply this knowledge to assess, diagnose, predict, prevent, and treat problems to help people function better whatever their life situation may be.

Like other social scientists, psychologists formulate theories, or hypotheses, which are possible explanations for what they observe.


But unlike other social science disciplines, psychologists often concentrate on individual behaviour and, specifically, in the beliefs and feelings that influence a person’s actions.

Despite popular belief, most psychologists do NOT mainly work with people who are mentally ill. The majority help psychologically healthy, well-adjusted people find ways of functioning better or support those seeking extra help with a difficult situation.


What to Expect when you Visit Awakened Psychology for the First Time

Initial appointments are generally 50 minutes in duration and will include a comprehensive assessment and discussion about the reason for your referral. We will discuss your expectations of attending counselling sessions as well as collaboratively set goals to assist in addressing your areas of concern. As the counselling sessions progress we will work together to work towards achieving these set goals, reviewing them periodically to ensure maximum effectiveness and relevance. 

Psychologists provide a safe, supportive and confidential environment for discussion.


The Psychologists Registration Board and Australian Psychological Society have strict requirements that protect your confidentiality and privacy. Any information provided to a psychologist is confidential and cannot be disclosed without your consent. If you require information to be passed on to your doctor, lawyer or to your child’s school you will be consulted first and asked to sign a document outlining your permission to release information to the nominated individuals. There are some legal limitations to confidentiality which will be discussed during your first session.